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Updated: Feb 21

Transmissions can be a scary thing to most people. They are intimidated by removing it, and even more by servicing up. To make your life just a little easier, I created a video to show you step by step how to refresh you ZF320 transmission. This transmission is a very popular option for M3s, swapped E30s, and E46s with S54s. The ZF transmission is known to be a lot stronger than its Getrag counterpart and take the abuse on street or track. The ZF320 transmissions came in E36 328i/M3, and E39 528i.

Purchase a ZF Refresh Kit on Race German: CLICK HERE

Items Used:

36mm Socket -

Pick Set -

3 Jaw Puller -

Transmission Service Kit -

Ray Ban Style Safety Glasses - 16oz Rinse Bottle -

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