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The Oil Funnel You Never Knew You Wanted

The oil funnel is one of the oldest and simplest tools in your tool box. Heck, your Great Grandparents probably used paper ones at the gas/service station, when you could actually service your car at the pump. So you’re probably wondering how an oil funnel could ever be improved upon. Well, I am here to tell you, the day has come.

Let me introduce you to the oil funnel you never knew you wanted. All of my life, and I am assuming yours as well, we have used standard oil funnels to add the golden brown lube to our engines. Although in theory, these funnels work just fine, they are sloppy and never seem to perfectly fit in the hole. On top of that, the mouth of funnel can be small, causing you to spill oil all over your engine while you frantically watch it drip down to your headers as you search for a rag to clean it up. (That’s going to smell good at start up…) Lastly is the issue of the funnel not being able to consume that oil into the valve cover fast enough. It back ups, and you find yourself sitting there waiting for the oil to drain down so you can add more.

Now that you have oil PTSD, ask yourself why you are still using traditional funnels like a peasant. It is the 21st century, you wouldn’t make a phone call with 2 cans and a string would you? The European oil funnel is one of the tools in my box I am not sure how I lived without. The funnel comes as two pieces, the base and the funnel. The red base uses the same quarter turn mechanism as your oil cap. In addition, it uses a rubber gasket to completely seal the base to your valve cover. The funnel is large with a wide opening to prevent any spills. The bottom of the funnel has two o-rings that fit snuggly into the base. The best part is, the funnel can fit up to 2 liters of oil. No more waiting around for the oil to drain down the funnel. Dump your entire quart/liter in with one motion.

Of course some of you may say, why would I buy this when a 50 cent oil funnel from harbor freight works. Of course it works, but that is not the point. With almost everything in life, you get what you pay for. I can promise you after you use this funnel the first time, you will be asking yourself why you ever used anything else.

Race On.

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