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Race German was started by Justin Schaub who wanted to create a new BMW shopping and media experience for the 21st century. Since a child, Justin has been obsessed with cars, particularly BMWs since his father’s first E30.  After attending Southern Illinois University for aircraft maintenance, Justin received his FAA certified, Aircraft and Powerplant license where he moved on to working in the aviation field for 10 years. While being a jet engine mechanic during the week, he started tinkering with BMWs on the weekend.


In 2013, Justin had his first track day in his 1991 BMW 318is BMW with a M50 swap at Roebling Road in Savannah GA.  From this day he got the track bug and never looked back.  Looking for a way to get into the Automotive industry, he started Race German, first selling only t-shirts from all his favorite aftermarket BMW companies he has worked with.


Fast forward 5 years and Justin put his mechanical and engineering knowledge to work to start creating and manufacturing products for the BMWs he owns. What started as a hobby, turned into a career, and Justin left his engineering role at a Fortune 500 company to pursue Race German full time.


Race German now offers over 500 products from 50+ manufacturers.  We pride ourselves on offering quality, unique, BMW products that you won’t find on other websites.  We scoured the country for young engineers that have great ideas looking to bring their products to market.


When Justin started this company, he made a promise that he would only sell what he would be willing to install on his car.  We want to offer the best, BMW shopping experience, with the best products available.  On top of all this, we are offering industry-leading “free shipping” on all orders, no matter the order amount.


Thank you for checking us out, and we look forward to seeing you on track.




Justin Schaub


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