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Whether your BMW is a daily driver, stance show car, or track prepped, the new MTS Technik Evolution 2 caster/camber plates are a game changer.





​Camber adjustment

​Adjusting the angle of inclination of the wheels relative to the ground.

A greater lean angle makes better use of the tire traction in the corner. For example, in most BMW applications it is possible to achieve even -2.5 degrees of inclination. Adjusting this angle also allows for precise alignment of the wheel with the fender edge.


- stance

- daily

Caster adjustment

Adjustment of the lead angle of the kingpin.

​This is an important parameter in motorsport, especially in rear-wheel drive (RWD) cars. Responsible for a steering wheel that self centers to the middle position more willingly. Increases the stability of the front axle at high speeds. Importantly, it also influences the dynamic change of the camber angle in a turn, which further improves traction. The advance angle can be increased to 30 minutes (0.5 degrees).



​Replaces factory rubber with stiffer polyurethane.

​In some applications (e.g. rear for BMW E30, E36, E46), they replace the factory-made rubber with polyurethane, which guarantees greater stiffness and improves steering precision.


- stance

- daily

Additional lowering

​It allows you to additionally lower the car because it is lower than the original pillow.

​Allows for an even greater lowering than the factory coilover range.


​Required for mounting a coilover suspension

In some coilover suspensions, it is an essential element for proper assembly.

Correct installation of the coilover suspension.




35% larger Uniball bearing (compared to Evolution 1)

The upper shock absorber mounting is the suspension element exposed to the greatest overload. The reinforced Uniball bearing, which is the core of MTS Technik camber/caster plates, is now up to the job. Designed from scratch by MTS Technik, the bearing manufactured according to their guidelines has been subjected to a series of endurance tests at the Naval Academy in Gdynia. Their longevity is ensured by the materials used. The center of the bearing is made from chrome-plated bearing steel, while its outer part is made of stainless steel. Smooth operation of the entire structure is ensured by the PTFE insert, which additionally dampens the sounds generated during the operation of individual parts of the bearing. Their new Uniball bearing has an inner diameter of 18mm, an outer diameter of 35mm, and a height of 22mm. Consequently, it is 35% larger than the previous generation of bearings, making them one of the largest in the market.

Angular contact ball bearings in the spring caps (new!)

A special feature used in the selected top mounts is that the spring cap has an angular contact ball bearing, which guarantees lower loads on the structure and greater comfort of use. This solution eliminates one of the biggest problems of users of adjustable top mounts - a “jumping” spring.

Precise setting of camber and caster angles

A significant lowering of the car may be associated with a change in the value of the angle of the wheels relative to the ground. With the MTS Technik camber plates, they can reduce or deepen this effect, which gives them great flexibility of use. Many of the MTS Technik camber plates also have the ability to adjust the caster - the steering angle of the steering knuckle. This option is especially useful when setting up the suspension for motorsport applications.

Complementing the usability of coilover suspensions

MTS Technik top mounts complement coilover suspension use. For many users, lowering alone is not enough. For full steering precision and adjustment of the wheel to the wheel arch line, you need to adjust the angle of the wheels to correct steering geometry. This essential adjustment is possible using the MTS Technik top mounts. Their design also allows them to be used with suspension from other manufacturers as well.

Additional lowering of the car

Lowering a car is often a struggle for every millimeter. Selected MTS Technik top mounts make it possible to further lower the vehicle.


In addition to the wide functionality, the MTS Technik top mounts are also intended to please the user's eye. Black anodized aluminum looks elegant and solid. Contrasting on the surface, the laser etched MTS Technik logo completes the work. All the elements together create a product for people who appreciate the combination of usability and aesthetics.

Light and durable materials

Anodized aluminum, milled on precise CNC machines. It provides weight reduction, anti-corrosion resistance and high aesthetics.

New “Inox easy slide” camber angle adjustment system

Their new, proprietary adjustment system combines high functionality with aesthetics. The “Inox easy slide” adjustment made of stainless steel and is designed to work in the most difficult road and weather conditions.

MTS Technik EVO 2 caster camber plates are now available for most BMWs!

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