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Fender rollers are nothing new and have been around for a long time. Eastwood Co. pretty much has the industry standard for the entry level fender roller and rightfully so. I purchased my first Eastwood fender roller almost 10 years ago and its still working as it should.

If you are new to fender rollers, then let me explain. The inside lip of your fender usually has an edge that sticks out into the car. This would not be a problem on normal stock cars, but if you are trying to fit bigger or wider wheels/tires, or lower your car to close in the wheel gap then it becomes a problem. This lip can cut into your tire and cause damage. Even if no real damage occurs, it can cause rubbing, which is not a great sight or sound.

To use this tool, you must remove your wheel and attach it using your wheel studs or bolts. You can then adjust the tool to inside of the fender to roll back the lip. The process requires patience as you have to roll a little bit, then adjust the tool, and roll again. Slowly you start to bend the inside lip up to create a tight bead.

This all sounds easy, but remember you are dealing with metal and paint. If you are doing this in a cold climate, make sure to move your cars indoors. We also recommend that you use a heat gun to heat the metal and paint of the fender. This will prevent any cracking of the paint which you don't want. There is a learning curve, but it is not as scary as you think.

Ok, so you want to roll your fenders but the Eastwood fender roller is over $100 shipped, which can be pricey if you are only doing this operation once. Recently I came across this knockoff on ebay that only cost $50 (free 2 shipping), so I decided to compare side by side. Click the video below to see the differences between the golden standard and the cheaper knockoff.

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