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Welcome back! In today's video we remove the rear subframe from the E36 touring build and examine the chassis and its components for any cracks or damage.

Removing such a big component of a car can always seem intimidating, and rightly so. The rear subframe of the BMW E36 holds the differential and all of the rear suspension components including the hubs, control arms, brakes, and more.

The best way to perform this task is remove everything at once. Having a lift definitely makes this task easier but this can also be done on jack stands. Surprisingly only 4 subframe bolts and 6 rear control arm bolts hold this entire system in.

Check out the video below for an easy walkthrough on how to remove the rear subframe from an E36. This is the same process for all E36s, except the ti. The E36 ti compact uses the rear subframe from an E30.

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Tools used in this video:

Hydraulic Lift Table -

Milwaukee 3/8 hex driver -

Heavy Duty Pry Bar Set -

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