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Driver: Max Kamal

The E36 headlight duct is nothing new or revolutionary in the BMW aftermarket world. There have been many iterations of this product by many different companies. When I first started converting my E36 M3 to a track car I was looking at all the options on the market and was never satisfied. They all seemed to be the exact same style, either made from carbon fiber or heavy fiberglass. They all didn’t fit correctly, requiring the customer to drill holes for the mounting points. On top of this, none of them had provision for the side corner lights, which meant you had to zip tie or glue them in place.

Not being satisfied, I set out to create our own E36 headlight duct. My bucket list was light, plug and play, and have provisions for the side markers to snap in just like the OEM headlight.

This project took over 3 years playing around with different manufacturing processes until we got it just right.

Introducing our completely plug and play ABS plastic E36 headlight duct. The duct features a unique 2 part thermoforming process unlike anything seen on the market today. As promised, the duct is completely plug and play to the factory mounting locations on the body. In addition to that, we indeed created mounting provisions for the side marker lights that snap into place just like it would on your headlights. Since the duct is so light and uses the factory installation points, swapping from your headlight to the duct has never been easier. You do not have to live with one or the other anymore. Heading to the track this weekend? Simply swap in your duct and you are ready to go.

This all sounds perfect, and it is, but we weren’t done there. We created two different styles to fit your needs. We are calling them: Street and Race.

The street version features horizontal slats in it to give the headlight duct a unique visual appearance on the road. The duct is all open in the back making this a perfect version for users with a cold air intake that features a cone air filter. We have also seen customers add lights behind the duct so they can continue to drive at night.

The race version features a 3” duct inside the housing. This is set up for cold air intake systems that allow for ducting to be attached to the back of the housing. This gives you a true ram air effect to deliver the coldest air possible to your intake manifold.

Whatever you choose, you can not go wrong. We believe this is the highest quality E36 headlight duct on the market and at a great price.

Note: The headlight duct is currently only available for the driver (left) side. A right side duct will be developed later for turbo applications.

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Driver: Max Kamal

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