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Updated: Feb 21, 2023

For many of us, our BMW is our first car. It is not only transportation but something that becomes a part of us. It could be the first car you got your drivers license in, it could be the car you took your prom date in, or it could be the first car you took on the race track. Whatever your story is, it's still a mechanical object and will eventually break. Most of these BMWs we are tinkering with are 25-30 years old now.

Luckily BMWs, are a great car to learn to wrench on, probably because they break so much. I started wrenching on BMWs well over a decade ago and have gained a wealth of knowledge along the way. My favorite part about BMWs is actually the community. In the past we had forums, which was a gold mine for BMW knowledge. Forums are long gone, and social media groups have popped up. Social media is great way to find instant answers, but it is not great for archiving data. If you want to know how to perform a certain task on your BMW where can you go?

Well your problems have been answered. We found one of the best all around BMW DIY websites on the internet. Luckily it is still up and running, and we hope it doesn't shut down. We are no way affiliated with this website, but alway like to pass on good information if we can.

The website is called Bimmer DIY and has an absolute wealth of how to's. The person who made this scoured the internet and found all the best DIYs and compiled them in one awesome website. It is split up by series:

  • 3 Series

  • 5 Series

  • 7 Series

  • X Series

  • 02 Series

It contains how to's from E10s all the way up through F30s. Once you click on the chassis, you can choose between various parts of the car including but not limited to: maintenance, engine, electrical, interior, exterior, lighting, exhaust etc.

We can not say enough about this website and is well worth a bookmark. Enjoy!

Race German & BimmerDIY is not affiliated with BMW in any way. The content on this website has not been endorsed by BMW, nor has been verified for correctness by BimmerDIY (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!). The BMW name and logos are registered trademarks of BMW AG and BMW North America, Inc.


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