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We all know how important it is to tighten a bolt or nut to the correct torque spec, but how can you easily verify if that fastener has moved over time?  Our cars, boats, motorcycles, airplanes, go through a lot between changing temperatures, vibrations, different stresses, and these factors can easily loosen key hardware on our machines.  This is exactly why Torque Seal was created.  Torque Seal comes in many different colors and has had many different names over the years (torque stripe, torque seal, cross check, anti-sabotage seal, security seal).

I was first introduced to this product when I went through aircraft mechanics school, but later learned this has been used across many different industries for years.  So what is it?  Torque Seal is an inexpensive method to detect tampering and vibration loosening of hardware.  This can be used on compression fittings, studs, nuts, or any assembly after they are properly torqued or positioned.  By applying Torque Seal you can visually inspect any movement or rotation of the fastener.  Torque Seal is applied as a thick liquid or lacquer, and when dries, it becomes brittle allowing you to see an obvious crack in the seal if something has moved.  The Seal also adheres to all sorts of metals, plastics, composites and is most importantly oil resistant.

So how do you apply this?  Follow these easy steps:

  1. Choose a color that can easily be seen from a visual inspection.

  2. Ensure the fastener or assembly has been torqued to its proper specification.

  3. Clean the fastener with a rag or brake cleaner to allow the Seal to adhere properly to the bolt.

  4. Apply the Seal to the fastener AND a fixed object.  *It is very important to apply to the part of the fastener that rotates and the part that is stationary to visually see if the stripe cracks if loosened.*

  5. Wait for the Seal to harden (usually 1 hour for full cure).

  6. Verify every so often to make sure the fastener has not become loose.

  7. If the Seal needs to be removed, you can easily chip it way and clean with a rag and solvent.

Build It. Race It.

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