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Add Modern USB Ports to Your Classic E46

You may not believe it, but the E46 chassis is becoming a classic car, coming up on being 25 years old.  The BMW E46 chassis was produced from 1997-2006 and was the successor to the great E36 chassis which ceased production in 2000.  The E46 chassis was available in sedan, convertible, touring (wagon), and even the compact hatchback.  BMW introduced their M3 performance model in June of 2000 and it ran all the way through 2006.

The E46 program was developed in 1993 under the chief lead engineer Wolfgang Ziebart.  The famous lead designer, Chris Bangle, took full control of the exterior design and without him knowing, soon became one of the most iconic BMWs ever made.

Before auto makers started putting USB ports in every imaginable place, the E46 chassis only carries a single cigarette port to charge our modern day electronic devices.

Because of this, we teamed up with Falk MFG to create a unique, one of a kind USB ashtray replacement that not only looks OEM but is functional.  This product requires minimal tools to install and is available in a wide array of options.

Choose dual USB A, USB A and USB C, or USB A and a sleek built in volt meter.  Having a functional volt meter in these cars is a great way to check the health of your battery and alternator.  The volt meter option uses a simple on/off button so the meter does not draw power when the car is not running.

These BMW E46 USB ashtray modules are now available at Race German.  Pick up yours today!


E46 USB A With Volt Meter

E46 Dual USB Charger

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