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If you are looking to add a quick release onto your track car or an aftermarket steering wheel like Momo, or Nardi, you will need to install a wheel hub like the one in the video below. Wheel hubs are simple to install and simple to use. Remove the steering wheel from your car and slide the wheel hub onto the splines of your steering column. Then install and torque the nut as usual. Some wheel hubs even allow you to retain the horn for safety reasons.

Wheel hubs also come in many different sizes from various manufacturers. We prefer the NRG shorty wheel hub as it mounts the steering wheel closer to the dash to give the driver more room. This is especially important in a race/track car where it can be hard to get in and out of bucket seats.

Although NRG tells us the wheel hubs are made for a quick release in mind, all NRG hubs use a 6x70mm hole pattern. This hole pattern not only fits their quick releases, but is the same hole pattern as all Momo, Sparco, and OMP aftermarket steering wheels.

If you are using a nardi steering wheel, this has a 6x74mm bolt pattern and you will either need an adapter (shown on right) or a different wheel hub.

Whichever route you go, changing your steering wheel to a lighter, smaller, more track focused wheel can completely change your driving experience. If you do not have a dedicated track car, make sure to follow all of your local rules about modifying steering wheels, especially if you are removing the airbag.

Check out the video below where we test the original NRG shorty wheel hub ($120) vs the Amazon knockoff ($50)

If you would like to purchase either of these steering wheel hubs for your BMW click the links below:

Amazon Knockoff (E36) -

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