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A few months ago, I flew down to southern Florida to pick up this 1994 BMW 318i touring. We were never able to purchase the E36 touring in the United States, but now that they are over 25 years old, they are starting to become imported into the states. The E36 touring is actually the last of the E36 models I have not owned. I have had coupes, sedans, convertibles, M3s, non M3s, and even the ti compact model.

After flying down to Florida, I picked up the car and drove it 11.5 hours back to our farm in South Carolina. The car drove absolutely great and the air conditioning was ice cold. Even though the car is in great running condition, it is still a 25 year old car that needs to be gone through. I also have a few tweaks I am going to make....

Check out the first part of our E36 touring build below!

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